Get Elevated Temperature Stability with Alumina
Ceramic Tubes

asianthermalceramic’s alumina tubes, with 99.5% to 99.8% high-purity, offer elevated temperature stability. Alumina ceramic tubes come in custom sizes, including American and Metric, and offer a low material cost.

Minerals containing alumina used in alumina tubes make up nearly 15% of the earth’s crust making it practically inexhaustible and versatile. Alumina combines low thermal expansion, superior thermal conductivity, and high-compressive strength to make these furnace tubes thermal-shock resistant. Sentro Tech alumina furnace tube models come with elevated dielectric properties and offer a higher vacuum or protective atmosphere at an extreme temperature.

Features of Alumina Ceramic Tubes for High-Temperature

  • Extreme high-temperature stability under reducing, inert, and high-vacuum conditions under high temperatures up to 1800°C.
  • Extreme wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Chemical corrosion resistance under high temperature.
  • High dielectric properties. 
  • Available Tube Diameter: From 3/16″ to 9″ for American size and 2 mm to 150 mm.
  • Available Tube Length: From 1″ ( 25mm) To 72″ ( 1828mm).
  • Protective atmospheres or high vacuum at high-temperature to eliminate contamination or impurity.
  • Sentro Tech also offers a volume discount for all listed sizes if the order quantity is more than 5 pieces for the same size.
  • Low material cost and custom size available.
  • Most items are in stock and can be delivered in 1-3 days.

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Physical Properties of Alumina Tubes


Compressive Strength (PSI)370,000350,000

Composition99.80% AL2O399.5% AL2O3
Bulk Specific Gravity (g/cc)3.93.8
ImpenetrabilityGas TightGas Tight
Dye Penetration A.S.T.M.TightTight
Flexural Strength (PSI)70,00050,000
Tensile Strength (PSI)43,00033,000
Maximum Working Temperature1800°C1750°C
Likely Sag Temp. Unsupported Tube*1600°C1600°C
Thermal Conductivity 24°C230200
BTU-in/ft2-hr-oF) 800°C6050
Dielectric Strength 24°C V/Mil300270
Thermal Expansion (per °C x 10-6)088.4
(24°C-1000 °C)  
Hardness (Moh’s scale)99

*Temperature at which an empty tube, 1 1/4″ diameter, suspended across an 18″ span, will sag 1/4″ in 1 hour.

Where sag is not acceptable, tubes must be adequately supported along the full length.

Standard Alumina Tube Dimensions


STT-08751 1/828.587/822.23
STT-11251 3/834.921 1/828.57
STT-12501 1/238.101 1/431.75
STT-13751 5/841.271 3/834.93
STT-15001 3/444.451 1/238.10
STT-16251 7/847.631 5/841.27
STT-1750250.801 3/444.45
STT-18752 1/853.961 7/847.63
STT-20002 1/457.15250.80
STT-21252 3/860.332 1/853.97
STT-22502 1/263.502 1/457.15
STT-25002 3/469.852 1/263.50
STT-2750376.202 3/469.85
STT-28753 1/482.552 7/873.03
STT-30003 1/482.55376.20
STT-31253 1/288.903 1/879.37
STT-32503 1/288.903 1/482.55
STT-33753 3/495.253 3/885.70
STT-35003 3/495.253 1/288.90
STT-36254101.603 5/892.07
STT-40004 2/5112.004101.60
STT-45005 2/5125.004 1/2114.30
STT-50005 1/2138.005127.00

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